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Tips to consider when renting properties in Dubai

Posted by adminbhhs on May 26, 2021

Tips to consider when renting properties in Dubai


Dubai is a city of prospects. Whether you are a business owner, an employee, an entertainer, an entrepreneur, or simply living in the city because you love it so very much, Dubai real estate is a dream. You may have been scouring the internet during your stay to find apartments for rent or a house for rent, or if you are particularly inclined, then maybe a villa for rent. Renting properties in Dubai can be a little stressful as you need to know the different contingencies associated with the process. Hence, we have a detailed list of tips that you must consider in all sincerity when you are interested in renting properties in Dubai:

1. Find your ideal location.

You know what they say about real estate – Location is always key. Consider the kind of location that would be favorable to you. Houses for rent in Dubai are prevalently available throughout the city, but your personal preferences will play a major role in selecting the ideal location. For instance, if you drive to work daily, perhaps a location further from work may be ideal per your social preferences. But if you have to take public transportation, then you may want to choose something closer to the bus stations or the Metro. Similarly, if you want a substantial social life, then you may want to choose a location in the central limits of the city, such as Downtown Dubai.

2. Type of property amenities you require

Determine your exact requirements. Do you need a furnished apartment or an unfurnished one? What kind of furnished apartments for rent would suit you better? You can choose anything from a minimalist studio to a digitally optimized one. If you prefer houses for rent, or perhaps a villa with advanced in-built equipment and furniture, then possibly renting properties with luxury living may be your best call.

3. Consider parking facilities

If you own a car, then you need to consider the parking options available to you as a renter. If you choose a villa for rent, then you definitely have a private parking option. However, you need to check whether it is covered or uncovered parking spaces. If, however, you choose multi-houses or apartments for rent, then you need to clarify whether you have indoor or outdoor parking. In some localities, you might even have street parking options, in which case, check the security measures and parking laws.

4. Choose neighborhoods as per your preference or lifestyle

Consider your habits. Do you like to party a lot with loud music and need catering services nearby? Can you comply with the communal guidelines for your neighborhood? Choose the neighborhood where it is less likely that you will offend your neighbors. If you prefer an active, upbeat lifestyle, then quiet Al Warqa regions are not the best choice. If, however, you want a silent locality with privacy and noiseless living, then look towards the suburban and sophisticated Emirate localities.

5. Check maintenance and security factors.

If you are looking for houses for rent in Dubai, be it furnished apartments or villas, or just about anything else, always check the security measures and maintenance options available. A lot of the time, you might have housekeeping facilities and round-the-clock. However, in the absence of such amenities, check the area for services available as per your requirement.

An essential point to keep in mind is to always rent properties through RERA-certified realtors and brokers. Also, make sure to register your rental agreement with Ejari as soon as possible to avail all rights as a renter. Dubai is really a city of dreams. The government is particularly stringent about renter laws, and you are well protected from sudden hikes in rent or illegitimate evictions. Make sure to learn the complete guidelines before renting properties in this incredible city. They are put in place to favor you under every circumstance.

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